In India / January 08 2015

Mizoram India

Mizoram in North India is a unique state both geographically and culturally. Over the years it has become largely “welfare dependant” with very little commercial or agricultural productivity. The emerging generations are struggling with drug & alcohol addiction, loss of identity, & poor work skills & training. Systemic unemployment is also a significant issue. The Way Foundation is working on a number of fronts to assist this people group.

Working with local leaders The Way Foundation is funding the following endeavours:

  • The introduction of agricultural & horticultural technologies to facilitate local village produce self sufficiency.
  • Commerce: Establish a multi village central produce hub for food distribution throughout the region & beyond
  • Health: Funding village based medical clinics & health services
  • Infrastructure: Funding roads & water harvesting technologies
  • Rehab: Funding rehab & employment training clinics
  • Finance: Funding micro-finance lending programmes for the poor to commence new businesses