In India / January 08 2015

Microfinance Programme for Women

It is very important for the long term future of people in poverty that they find a sustainable way to increase their income. Very poor people cannot borrow money from a bank. The Way Foundations micro-enterprise solution provides small interest free and or minimal interest loans to enable them to purchase something that will increase their income.

Basic learning & business skills are taught such as saving and basic accounting before receiving any loans. Loans are paid back over a 12 month period. Loans are taken out to buy livestock or a sewing machine, or a deep fryer on a cart, thus establishing a small business.

Orphanage Support

Unfortunately, in many countries there still exists a need for orphanages. The Way Foundation only supports orphanages that have been personally visited and approved by our staff. Child safety, accountable practice, and an emphasis on family reunion/connection are critical values.

Medical Clinics

Most people in rural villages are not well educated. Many people suffer from easily preventable illness. Public hospitals are usually a long distance away and good medical attention is prohibitively expensive.

A community health worker can educate people in their village about basic principles of hygiene such as washing hands with soap and boiling drinking water. She also provides free basic medical care, often saving people an expensive hospital visit.