In Australia / January 08 2015

Amongst the Indigenous

The Way Foundation aims to partner with existing organisations to provide specialist schools for troubled indigenous youth currently “falling through the cracks”.

Addiction is a major destructive force amongst Australia’s indigenous youth.The Way Foundation is working to fund & release a drug and alcohol relapse prevention programme for indigenous youth linked to a training & employment programme.

Meaningful long term employment eludes many indigenous men & women. The Way Foundation is working to support & expand existing successful training & work placement programmes such as “Outstation North” of North Queensland.

Networking Agencies

Charities & humanitarian agencies are often themselves struggling to financially survive let alone service their clients. In 2015 The Way Foundation plans to fund & expand an already existing global training & networking agency for charities & humanitarian not for profit NGOs, thus increasing effectiveness, efficiencies & fund raising for such organisations.

Regional Flights

A significant part of Australia’s rural population are isolated by vast distances & no air services. The Way Foundation will support a start up regional airline to these remote & unserviced areas, thus providing or at the very least improving on essential services to remote Australians.