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About Us

The Way Foundation (TWF) is a not for profit philanthropic agency, that exists to fund and support individuals & organisations that work towards the betterment of humanity and the environment.

Association & Source of Finance

Our primary benefactor is the “7 Mountain Group”, a related group of companies that share the same values, and who pool resources and expertise in order to create a positive global impact as a result of their work. Their goal is to make the world a better place through business, innovation and humanitarian ventures. TWF in turn is the primary instrument through which The 7 Mountain Group achieves its humanitarian & environmental objectives.

What we do Globally

The Way Foundation financially and professionally supports and invests in endeavours that work towards humanitarian and/or environmental goals consistent with its objectives, priorities and values.

These include:

  • The facilitation of healthy environmental practices
  • The provision of schools & educational services
  • The alleviation of poverty
  • Development of essential community infrastructures
  • The funding of health services
  • Providing a Catalyst for positive cultural reform
  • The resourcing of humanitarian endeavours
  • Investment in the promulgation of worthwhile causes

Our Work

The Way Foundation works towards funding multiple projects around the world


The provision of supply lines and distribution points for drinking water for remote Nepalese villages.
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Mizoram in North India is a unique state both geographically and culturally. Over the years it has become largely “welfare dependant” with very little commercial or agricultural productivity.
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Microfinance Programme for Women

It is very important for the long term future of people in poverty that they find a sustainable way to increase their income. Very poor people cannot borrow money from a bank.
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Orphanage Support

Unfortunately, in many countries there still exists a need for orphanages. The Way Foundation only supports orphanages that have been personally visited and approved by our staff. Child safety, accountable practice, and an emphasis on family reunion/connection are critical values.
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Medical Clinics

Most people in rural villages are not well educated. Many people suffer from easily preventable illness. Public hospitals are usually a long distance away and good medical attention is prohibitively expensive.
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Water Quality – Aqua Mini – India

Water availability and water quality is a critical health issue in many rural villages, particularly for the lower caste people. The Way Foundation supports the provision of water pumps and filtration systems to service the needs of such communities. One of the products we are implementing in India for clean water is the Aqua-Mini.
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Amongst the Indigenous

The Way Foundation aims to partner with existing organisations to provide specialist schools for troubled indigenous youth currently “falling through the cracks”.
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Networking Agencies

Charities & humanitarian agencies are often themselves struggling to financially survive let alone service their clients. In 2015 The Way Foundation plans to fund & expand an already existing global training & networking agency for charities & humanitarian not for profit NGOs, thus increasing effectiveness, efficiencies & fund raising for such organisations.
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Regional Flights

A significant part of Australia’s rural population are isolated by vast distances & no air services. The Way Foundation will support a start up regional airline to these remote & unserviced areas, thus providing or at the very least improving on essential services to remote Australians.
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Africa, Solomon Islands & Papua New Guinea

Having natural resources & prospering from them are two different things. Too often local communities are exploited by big business, governments or corrupt local entities so that significant opportunities are lost to them.
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Low Cost Housing

By partnering with one of the 7 Mountain Group enterprises, The Way Foundation is working toward the provision of low cost housing for the poor.
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The Philippines

The Way Foundation plans to augment existing local government funded feeding programmes designed to combat children’s malnutrition throughout regional ares of the Philippines. An accompanying need is the provision of water filtration technologies in areas with poor water quality.
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